Thursday, March 21, 2013

austin, tx

me and the kids went to austin a couple of weeks ago.  we left at naptime on thursday and got there in time to play out back all afternoon.  it was a quick trip...we headed home to daddy at naptime on friday, with tired, sweaty kids that were so happy to have spent time with cousins and bridge + dustin.

i was pregnant or nursing for 4 years and 10 months...from january 2008 until october 2012.  seriously. to type that seems unreal.  needless to say, i have been learning how to live and mother and eat and socialize and road trip! all over again... now that my entire body is not nurturing another human life.   my newest nephew, lucero, was born on november 1st.  i got to meet him when he was just a couple of days old.  BUT shame on me, my kids had not met him yet.  i came to my senses and squeezed us all in a room at bridge + dustins.  it was awesome.  what took me so long to get down there?!

My girls were obsessed with their job of caring for sweet baby Lucero.  
Flora went into "help" mode.  and look at sweet walker perched on that ball. 

 austin is the perfect city for bridget.  she is her best self there!  
and dustin is the perfect mate for bridget.  she is her best self with him!
we love you bridget and dustin.
please look at her muscular-toned-jen-aniston arms.  apparently this is what your arms will look like when you tote a 5 month old who is bigger than my 16 month old.
Flora's face here does not convey her TOTAL love for Lucero.  She seriously gets to thinking about him and looks off in the distance all is precious. 


thanks for having us bridget and dustin and leica and lucero.  we love you so much!