Sunday, November 10, 2013


since having kids, i have loved halloween.  it is a holiday when neighbors walk around the neighborhood.  when we knock on doors and open them with a smile.  halloween shouldn't be just once a year.  we should be OUT and neighborly more often.

thank you jesus for the state fair of texas

river is 5.

the boy who made me a mama.  so tender.  so easy-going.  makes a friend wherever we go.  karate fights with his little sisters and lets them knock him down.  has always been my early bird.  still loves curious george.  begged to go to church this morning.  loves routine.  loves to wrestle his daddy and cuddle his mama.  we love this brave son of ours.

 i love these next few photos.  the girls were jumping up and down cheering for him.  so sweet.