Monday, April 15, 2013

embrace the camera

a local drive-in in wichita falls.  flora's skirt.  she borrowed those boots from a cousin.  river always puts his hands on his hips when he gets talking.  and that broken foot that didnt slow him down.  the car in the reflection.  my long hair and walker on my hip.  love it all.  must print it.

my three kids in my lap.  my hands are full.  my heart is happy.

we went on a double date with my parents to see The Quebe Sisters Band play with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.  we sat in the (cheap) seats ON the stage behind the orchestra and it was awesome!  those Quebe sisters are our very favorite!

since we all live in dallas, we get to do a lot of regular life with my parents.  stop by after work.  meet for dinner.  swing by and drop something off.  i am guilty of not doing enough special stuff with them.  this night out was just perfect!

and this photo just captures flora's sweet nurturing heart.  she is happiest when caring for someone.  she is her best self when given a job to help.  she is most content when holding a baby, like sweet baby eli spencer with the biggest sweetest eyes.  i need to print this one too.  and make sure and put it in flora's room for her.