Tuesday, February 5, 2013

God made a mother

i had a big (fun awesome freeing) weekend of celebrating my sweet sister-in-love Val's 30th birthday.

and the kids had a big weekend with all of their cousins in wichita falls.  so i missed most of the super bowl and all of its commercials and beyonce's amazing halftime show because i was getting children to bed on time.  we all needed our rest!  

one of the only commercials i saw was the "God made a farmer" dodge commercial.  wasnt it good?  well, take a few minutes and go read ann voskamp's post about God made a mother.  so good too.  
while i was making dinner last night, i peeked into the playroom to see walker had taken the crib, rocking chair, and baby from the dollhouse and was hugging the baby and rocking the baby and putting the baby in the crib.  i will never forget it.  she sees me being a mother, hugging my babies...rocking my babies... and caring for them.  and so she does it too.  it was beautiful.  at 15 months old, bald and toddling, walker watches me and learns how to be a mother one day.  i love this job.  hardest thing i have ever done, but also so much fun and so overwhelmingly good.

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