Thursday, August 15, 2013

light of the world,

light of the world, you stepped down in to darkness.  
opened my eyes, let me see!
 beauty that made this heart to adore you.
hope of a life spent with you.
so here i am to worship,  
here i am to bow down,
 here i am to say that you are my GOD... 
 you're altogether lovely,
  you're altogether worthy, 
 you're altogether wonderful to me.

love that song.  by chris tomlin
 from my texas tech days at late nite at westminster church.
 cannot believe all these sweet precious children are mine to spend my whole day with!

 its a wonderful life

1 comment:

  1. oh, latenite. such good memories. i'd be lying if i said i hadn't looked into it since we've moved back. unfortunately, the group is smaller and meet at a person's home....making it harder to go unnoticed. pretty sure i don't pass as a college student anymore.