Friday, January 18, 2013

san diego

missy and justin got married in beautiful san diego on december 29th.  thank you for inviting us missy!  it was such a wonderful weekend.  you are such a beautiful bride.
now...we hadnt been on a trip just the two of us in THREE YEARS...
back when we had just ONE CHILD... seriously, shame on us.  
and it was such a celebration!  a precious and sacred union of two lovebirds, 
held at the beautiful church at university of san diego 
followed by a super fun cocktail hour
 oh the happy bride!  captivating!  lovely!  beautiful missy, inside and out...look at her glowing!
and then a decadent meal.  and then the best dj and the best night of dancing i have ever had.  amazing! so much to celebrate!  (ok...somehow i didnt end up with any photos of justin)
congratulations to missy and justin!
it was really such a wonderful weekend.  with wonderful friends.
and our favorite place:  the beach
oh ocean, we love you so.
holding a hula-hoop because i actually cannot hula-hoop
7 months pregnant whitney hula-hooping.  work it girl

for christmas, i got george and me surf lessons.  it was so fun.  
george declared it the best present ever.  
san diego surf school.  at pacific beach.  our instructor, stephen, was so great.  
he did all the hard work for me and i just held on and laughed hysterically and then tried to stand up amidst the fury of the ocean.  

san diego.  we love you.

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  1. yay for vacation and surf lessons! so excited for missy! and whitney is pregnant?! so fun!!!